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Conscious Coaching

If you’re a heart-centred business person trying to express yourself and your work authentically but you’re struggling with marketing and selling,  Conscious Coaching can help!

Together, we’ll work to strengthen your business, clarify your message and connect with your perfect clients while never compromising your integrity…. and all the time staying connected with your values.

We’ll identify your areas of value, growth and shadow! and create a plan to help you drive and thrive in all that you do.

This is for you if you’re in a transition and having difficulty hearing your inner wisdom or wondering which way to go. (Your internal compass is totally in there by the way, even if sometimes you’re convinced it isn’t!)

This is for you if you’re struggling with your life purpose, career, an intimate relationship, wider family dynamics or simply needing to examine “What’s next for me in life?”

So if you need support getting clear on your answers, lining up your next steps and moving through the discomfort that inevitably comes with change, maybe I can help.

WHAT COACHING IS (and what it isn’t!)
Coaching with Lydia taps into your inner wisdom and brings it to the surface, to the place where you can hear it and crucially, where you can act on it. As coach and client, we work together from the point that you are completely whole to start with, it’s just that sometimes your magnificence gets a little dusty and your internal compass a little lost.

Coaching is a catalyst for change and while we may bounce around ideas, I will not advise you to take any particular course of action nor influence any of your decisions; and though it can be therapeutic in effect, it is not therapy or counselling.

Drop me a line to say hello and to set up a call at no charge. On this discovery call, you can fill me on on where you’re at and what your needs are. I will share my approach and if we’d like to work together, I can give you some pieces to start looking at between then and when we start.

Our sessions are usually over Skype and sometimes we might meet in person, particularly if you’re local and we have something clinic or office related to focus on where I need to see your physical space.

Sessions are around 90 minutes but I ask that you carve out 120 minutes in your schedule, for technology set up and to allow transition into and out of our call. Sessions cost €120 and after our discovery call, if you’re happy to proceed I require a minimum commitment of 6 sessions.

Drop me a line here if you’d like to get in touch and I’ll get back to you right away.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to do some life and career coaching with this woman. If you’re into the holistic approach to following your life’s path and could do with someone to mirror and offer wisdom, she’s great!”



Mindfulness is noticing what is going on within you and around you, moment by moment.

Don’t worry, it’s not about peacefulness and it’s certainly not about making your mind calm.

It’s just this great tool that helps build your resilience against stress and combat the challenges of everyday life in our busy, digitally loaded lifestyles.  Sure, being at ease with our dis-ease can bring a feeling of freedom but it’s useful to simply start with being less mindless!

We run workshops for primary and secondary schools students in personal and leadership development, giving them skills to navigate the challenges of life as a young person today. The topics we can cover include Mindfulness, Public Speaking with presence and authenticity, Brilliant Student Meetings, Communication, Presentation Skills, Making Friends with Fear, Skilling up for the Future of the Working World, Managing Stress and Developing Resilience. Staff teacher and year opening workshops are also available.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Mindfulness & Stress workshops are well suited for short corporate workshops and for ongoing staff development.If you would like to discuss your organisation’s wellbeing needs, please get in touch at


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“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world… as in being able to remake ourselves” Gandhi

As a facilitator, it’s my job to create a safe, engaging, fertile environment for your group so that the wisdom in the room can be unlocked. So what needs to be unlocked in your organisation and let’s unlock it!

Is it Leadership Development : Management Upleveling : Coaches Training : Communication Skills : Purpose : Conflict Resolution : Intention & Attention : The Power of Awareness : Emotional Intelligence ???

I rarely use power-point and can often be found with a flipchart on the floor and the group around in a circle, with markers in one hand co-creating the output and mugs of tea in the other.

If you would like to chat about facilitation for a meeting or group drop me a line here. And you can see some of my recent training, facilitation and creative consulting here.

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