Gentle,  fully present, professional, skillful, beautiful, dedicated and committed – this is what comes to mind when I think about my experience with Lydia.

Karolina Little,

Lydia is completely aware of the needs of her clients. Her immense knowledge on hosting, facilitation and training really comes through her work. Besides, her personality and vast, multicultural experiences in life make her an amazing being to work with.

Fatima Farzana

Lydia is an experienced coach and facilitator who had a very positive impact on the individuals and teams she worked with. She brings an energy, passion, commitment and her own unique style to coaching and facilitating which puts people at ease and allows people the time, space and permission to explore themselves, their teams and all the dynamics and relationships that are important. Lydia is a strong coach and I would never hesitate to use her to coach me.

Robert Mulhall, Associate Director of Programs (Innovations for MNCH) at Concern Worldwide

In her work with individuals and groups, Lydia is extremely perceptive and flexibly adapts her approach and energy to what’s needed most at any point in time. She demonstrates consistent and true alignment between her passion, her knowledge and beliefs, and her day-to-day behaviours. This integrity adds incredible strength to the coaching and development work she provides. In “living and breathing” these core beliefs and values, and bringing in her vivacious warmth, Lydia creates and holds a space of tremendous trust and care. Given her wealth of experience in coaching and development for people from all walks of life, Lydia has truly refined her expertise. She is extremely intelligent, creative and insightful. I sincerely recommend Lydia in her ongoing work to coach, enable, and develop others.

Sylvia, Programme Manager, Global Telecommunications Company

I fully enjoyed the facilitation course. Lydia’s way of facilitating was completely aligned with the content of the training. She was there in a fully loving, serving presence. She didn’t teach, but just hosted a safe & open space where me and the rest of the group co-created the learning ourselves. From her rich experience she gave some practical tools on how to prepare myself as a facilitator, but also the group, the actual location and the climate. To be aware of how I am and of my intent is the key to true, transformative facilitation.

M Hoenders,  President,  Sunryse, Netherlands

Lydia has been an incredible mentor to me in my journey… She is a professional, flexible and dedicated person who gives her all to every project she taken on.

Gillian McInerney, Lecturer, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

I have had the pleasure of working with Lydia over a number of years in a number of capacities – we served as coaches together on programmes, we designed and facilitated together and worked alongside one another on various projects…It was always an absolute delight and pleasure to work with Lydia. She has a professionalism that is just wonderful to be around as she does so with an energy that is infectious and a regard for others that means her work is at the very centre of her focus. Lydia is able to engage and inspire a group in such a special and unique way, and her thirst for learning, openness to others and energy for life mean that having the privilege to be in a room with her is a gift to anyone lucky enough to be alongside her. I would happily and graciously recommend Lydia for any work that involves human beings, old or younng!

Annie Hanekom, owner at The T Room, Training and Development, South Africa

Lydia is an engaging, warm, and wonderfully positive person to work with. My experience of collaborating with her is that her integrity, caring, and compassion shine through in her work and her personal life. I would highly recommend Lydia.

Grattan Donnelly, Chairperson, Association for Coaching, Ireland

I attended mentor and coach workshops facilitated by Lydia. She is an excellent coach and facilitator. I would describe her approach as high energy and warm.

Isolde Norris, Executive Coach and Change Consultant at KOI Business Coaching & Consulting Limited

100% of our group said that they are now aware they can make a difference in the world 

This programme taught me a lot about myself and the hidden talents I have.

I think everyone can agree that we all have changed for the better and the future is in good hands with leaders like ourselves.

These past couple of days have been very enjoyable and I’ve learned what it takes and is needed to be a great leader.