Conscious Mamma

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“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
Arundhati Roy

Woman with her arms raised walking from an open nautilus shell.

What if there is a new world on its way for women: one where we can access and trust our answers within, where we can stop outsourcing our well-being and well-birthing (and create new words while we’re at it!) and meet the challenges of everyday life in a mindful and healthy way?

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Between the Sacred and the Surgery

‘Giving birth in a jungle while having an orgasm’ was one style of birth given, when I was looking for an illuminating online handrail through pregnancy and the other seemed to be corporate sponsored websites bringing me down a medically managed route. While both are acceptable and serve huge portions of people in their own way, they weren’t really what I was after. I craved strength and support in what I sensed was this momentous initiation of pregnancy and birth; and although I was comfortable handling the birth horror stories that people were dying to share (what’s with that?!) and delighted in discussing the pros and cons of homebirths, caesarians, bottles, breastfeeding and cloth nappies, these day-to-day interactions weren’t answering my calling out for a deeper tracking either. I was comfortable claiming ownership over my body, soul and cycle throughout the suite of scans, dates and tests but I wanted to expand my thinking, get challenged and inspired in ways that were aligned with my values, and I wanted to read about it too, at night, on my iPhone, in bed, when Mums-to-be do their best research!

As a mindful Irish woman in the 21st century, healthy, educated and not at all afraid of giving birth (what to do after the baby‘s born was another matter!!), I needed something in between: I needed a bridge between the sacred and the surgery, between the miracles and the medical, to retreat to for support and inspiration and so I began curating my own bank of resources and inspirations from professionals, practitioners and most usefully, other mothers that I trusted (Tip: don’t take advice from people who don’t have what you want). And I started to live and create my own work too. From my background as a facilitator, leadership course designer and womb wisdom coach and my new position as a mother, homebirther and wisdom warrior, Conscious Mamma was conceived.

Conscious Mamma will be a home for fellow adventurers of the mothering kind, offering practical and subtle support infused with no-bullshit spirituality relevant to the modern woman.

You are incredible! You are mother! You totally got this!

Jet Fired Ovaries

Woman with her arms raised walking from an open nautilus shell.

This image from Elena Ray shines of a woman connecting with her core creativity, arising from her awakened and healed womb, thrusting her life and force out into the world. The spiralled ovaries are like two jet engines behind her!

The Dance of Birth and Death

The cycle of death and birth are like waves rolling along the shore of life, each one blending an ending and a beginning into the eternal journey of our soul as it moves through its realms of existence. Being both creative and fearsome, the moments of birth and loss are to be grieved and celebrated and it is this work, of both Conscious Mamma and National Grieving Day, that are, in their co-existence, lending a hand to help midwife life’s transitions.