We are not just human beings, we are human becomings.Conscious Consulting’s purpose is to help you become your own conscious consultant, to help you access your inner wisdom and personal compass – that tour guide within which always knows the right decision and has your best interests at heart. Always!

Conscious Consulting is the online home of Lydia Kiernan and a collective of collaborators. Our work aims to help people shift from the great human beings they already are into the great leaders they are looking to become, and our clients are those who are looking to create positive change in the world… to clarify their purpose, manifest their vision and develop skills for bringing out the best in themselves and those around them.

Conscious Consulting clients include private individuals and not-for-profits, educational organisations, financial institutions and international NGOs across Europe, Africa and India. Some of our previous experience includes developing leadership in cross-border communities in Northern Ireland, conflict resolution in the Balkans and corporate wellbeing in Dublin.
The material, style and resources are drawn from modern research and traditional wisdom and programmes are highly experiential with methodologies including action learning, facilitated sessions, dialogue, self inquiry, healing, mindfulness.


These values are idealistic and reflect an aspiration to uplift ourselves and the world around, as it emerges. These influence every decision Conscious Consulting makes and clients are invited to play with them while we’re working together.

  • We are a single universal family
  • The basis of leadership is service and love
  • The ends and the means are the same – we must be the change we wish to see. YES ACTUALLY BE IT!
  • At their essence, everyone is brilliant, wise and whole

Lydia Kiernan

395875_10151127950660029_1172416650_n“What moves me is the activation of love into purpose and purpose into power. I work with the earth and her cycles, with ritual, with mindfulness, with the transforming energy of presence, with the internet, with skillful facilitation and graceful leadership tools…. and a heap of creativity and humour. And tea, lots of tea!!!
I love working with people who are creating sustainable, positive change in the world by assisting them in the ways of being that are needed now when leading from a values-centred place in this increasingly challenging and complex world. And all in service of the common good!”

Lydia has been directing transformational programmes for established and emerging leaders since 2006 and founded Conscious Consulting in 2011, in response to the ongoing need for conscious and participative leadership and facilitation in the world. As a qualified course director, coach, facilitator, trainer, mediator and healer she has worked with over 2,500 people guiding transformation and personal development around the world from Cape Town to Cambridge, India to Ireland, Lucca to London.

From a young age she was immersed in spirituality and business, leading her to explore the dance of spiritual values and practices with the challenges of modern life, in business and in the home. Lydia’s early career was in law and initially she trained as a coach in order to invite collaboration, transformation and the spirit of service into the legal world. She quickly saw that her passion and skills lay in the field of human development and delved into it fully.

Lydia holds diplomas in Humanities and in Legal Studies, is a qualified Coach and Course Director with The Foundation for Transformational Leadership, a trained Mediator by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland and a qualified Trainer. She has studied mindfulness with the University of Massachusetts Medical School Centre for Mindfulness, the Centre for Mindfulness Ireland and trained with Mindful Schools. She is current Chairperson of The Change Leadership Foundation and has previously sat on Boards with The Sarah Bird Foundation, Open FM and Lucca Leadership Ireland. In 2013 she founded National Grieving Day, an annual series of events honouring grief, loss and the sacredness of transitions in life. For more on Lydia’s recent consulting and collaborations, check out her Portfolio.